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Change can be hard, but darn it I'll get there!

Hello my Styled beauties! 

Is it just me or did we just blink and December was here?!?! When did my tan lines get replaced with dry hands??

As many of you know, I have been working on tweaking my business to be more efficient, and moving to online booking is one of my initiatives.

Well, after weeks of trying to find the best and most effective platform, I'm left underwhelmed and feeling defeated.

My goal is to hand off my vision to an expert in the new year. 

That being said, I will begin to implement some of the changes now, in hopes to make the online booking transition that much smoother, for all of us!

I will be opening my schedule one month at a time.

For now, while I wait for some IT and Social Media Goddess to come rescue me, I will be sending out Text Messages on the 2nd Monday of every month, notifying that my upcoming month is open for bookings. 

Therefore, Monday December 12th, you will all be notified that my schedule is now open for January 2023. Should you not need an appointment in January, simply disregard the text. Should you wish to book for January, you will be prompted to reply with the service you need and your preferred day and time - I will do my best to accommodate your request.

***** Appointments will be booked in the same order as replies are recieved *****

Other things to note: 

*There will be a price update to my service menu come January 2023. Feel free to check out my service menu page for more info.

*I have made the decision to no longer carry retail inventory in the salon. There has been mention of suppliers offering our industry an online platform to offer our guests sometime in 2023. This would enable me to continue to offer you an array of professional hair care, delivered to your door, without the added layer of physically stocking my own shelves. More on that when I get the green light.  In the mean time, I will happily continue to recommend  professional home hair care you need and will do my best to make shopping for it easy peasy lemon squeezy!

*In September, I officially retired from the wedding hair industry after 22 years of hair sprayed nostrils and teary eyes while fitting the veil on the blushing bride.

I will continue to offer in salon event styling but will leave large on site weddings to some amazing stylists who have honed in on that particular facet of the industry and are killing it! Need a referral? Let me know!


K, I think that's most of it. 

Oh, except for a solid reminder of how fabulous you all are and now lucky I am to have you in my chair.

If I don't see you before Santa does, Happy Holidays to you and yours.


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